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Update on life [12 Jan 2008|06:30pm]
Break can get boring, but I like sitting around, doing nothing at times.

My second article in the Indypendent is up at http://www.indypendent.org.

Check it out, and read the rest of the articles, because it's great, alternative journalism! If you want a paper copy, pick one up at the PCH!


peace suckaz.
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the half blood prince [03 Oct 2007|11:34pm]
It amazes me that even as I'm walking alone in the South Bronx, some random kid screams out "Harry Potter".
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College [11 Sep 2007|10:21pm]
Hi livejornal! It's been a while. And this is sounding really fucking corny, talking to my internet journal like a cliche diary in which I talk about my feelings. But I'm going to talk about my feelings in a [hopefully] non-cliche way on my internet journal, which I haven't seriously used in a very long time. I thought it would be nice to update people on my life who still read this thing, not that there are many. Livejournal was taken over by myspace, which was taken over by facebook, which is taking over the world soon enough. Even George Bush has a facebook! Haha, that'd be pretty sweet.

So, I moved in on August 29. I've been living in Manhattan for exactly 2 weeks now. I was really excited to get out of Westchester and to meet new people, but in a way college didn't live up to it's expectations. I found it really hard to meet new people for some reason. I didn't think it would be hard, but it was. I still don't have many friends, but I'm pretty content right now. I've been throwing myself headfirst into NYC Activism, which is awesome. I helped the War Resisters League shut down a recruiting center in Times Square, which was sweet, did Food Not Bombs for the first time in ages, and went to the Brecht Forum on the Lower West Side to learn about the social and political history of the Lower East Side, which was really interesting. Tommorow I'm going to a Mets game, and then next Monday I'm going to a Yankee game for free! So, in retrospect, life is pretty good. School is school, though on a slightly more fun level. I'm taking really interesting classes. I think my favorite one so far is my writing seminar on 20th Century Spain. The professor is so damn knowledgable on the subject, and it's fascinating to learn about Spain's transition from fascism to democracy.

Um, that's it for now. I'll write more at another time if anything interesting comes up.

p.s. Livejournal entries are really childish and elementary sounding.
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[30 Mar 2007|10:05am]
Italy :D
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OMFG [27 Feb 2007|04:43pm]
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[25 Feb 2007|05:41pm]
"Alex Kane (aka A. Product) is currently the frontman of AntiProduct, a UK-based glam punk band, although Kane himself is an American. He is a former member of Enuff Z'nuff, Cat Daquiri, Life, Sex & Death, and Clam Abuse."

thats from Wikipedia. haha, that rules.
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New music! [28 Jan 2007|10:05pm]

please add/listen to us :)
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[23 Jan 2007|02:37pm]
um, my thoughts are in a mess. and i'm not really sure how to convey myself. all i know is that it was fucked up.

band politics really suck.
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[15 Jan 2007|01:18am]
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take it back to the old days [13 Jan 2007|05:55pm]
I don't know if a lot of you have ever seen this so....

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A serious political post [31 Dec 2006|03:09am]
On the topic of Saddam Hussein's execution, I don't believe justice was served. On one hand, Saddam Hussein was a tyrant of the worst kind, who presided over mass killings and rape, and ordered wars of aggression and genocide. On the other hand, he couldn't have done this without the United States' support. America put him into power in the 1953 CIA engineered coup, we gave him support during the Iran-Iraq war in which millions of people perished, and we gave him chemical weapons that he used to gas the Kurds. He couldn't have done any of that without American support. 2nd of all, it wasn't even close to a fair trial. If your going to execute someone, at least have it be fair(although the American justice system doesn't follow that principle either, that's beside the point.) There were so many irregularities and mistakes in the execution(pun intended) of the trial that was well documented by countless human right's groups. Justice was not served, nor did I expect it to be with a US proxy state in Iraq. The American companies who sold him chemical weapons should have been prosecuted, as well as the whole Reagan Administration for propping up his regime(although Reagan is in hell with Saddam now). This picture symbolizes the whole botched effort of this occupation and everything that has come out of it.

Oh, and also, fuck Gerald Ford. I hate when ever a US president dies, the media gets all lovey dovey, as if all the terrible shit these leaders have done has just gone away. Gerald Fod PARDONED NIXON. Need I say more? He pardoned a war criminal, he pardoned a criminal in general. Oh and also, a widely unknown fact about Ford is that he and good ol' Henry Kissinger gave the green light to Indonesian dictator General Suharto to invade and occupy East Timor, which resulted in the slaughter of at least 60,000 East Timorese. So no, Ford doesn't deserve my respect, or anyone else's respect. He's also a criminal.
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:( [30 Dec 2006|01:07pm]

Your legacy will live on forever, in our hearts.
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the summation of my night [02 Dec 2006|12:02pm]
"you know who my number one suspect is? ...YOU!"

plus a lot more.
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The face of occupation [24 Nov 2006|12:55pm]
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[21 Nov 2006|10:00pm]
i guess this is what they talk about in movies and songs.
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[16 Nov 2006|09:08pm]
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I have housing in NYC! [14 Nov 2006|08:33pm]
I might be living here come September if I end up at Hunter College.
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[22 Oct 2006|02:46pm]
cross 2 colleges off of the list of ones that need to be sent.

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say you'll never leave [15 Oct 2006|01:42am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

absolutely ridiculous day. but so amazing.

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[13 Oct 2006|12:31am]
my number one college is the most expensive. go figure.

the interview just made me want to go there even more.
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